About Me

My name is Catherine Farrell and I am a storyteller. Whether that be on my laptop or on the stage I love to allow people to get lost in the stories and characters I tell. My original form of storytelling was when I became an actor when I was in elementary school. I fell in love with performing and dancing for friends and family and it eventually became a career for me. I hale from Kansas City, Kansas where I fell in love with acting in high school. I was involved with nearly 30 performances while I was in high school. On top of being an actor, I also work as a technical assistant, building sets, and designing props or hanging lights. I love all sides of the theatre and hope to be able to use my passion for art as I enter into the professional field. When I am not backstage I am on stage. Some of my favorite performances I have been a part of include Othello, Silent Sky, and Hand to God. Shakespearean acting is by far my favorite way to perform but I do dabble in stand-up comedy occasionally.

One of my other passions includes books. Last year, I studied abroad in London where I was spending nearly an hour on the tube every day to get to class. With no service down in the underground, I had to find a new mode of entertainment. This is when I fell back in love with reading. I have read nearly 150 books since I started this journey which led me to begin a Bookstagram. Check out my page above by clicking the Instagram icon! I am currently working with Severn Rivers Publishing to help them grow their social media marketing campaign. I hope to continue to work with publishing companies and authors to show them how to enter the social media world as more readers bring their passion online.

Here I am, 15 years later, still performing for friends and family. I also have fallen in love with stories told on paper. As a journalist and a writer, it is my job to tell the full truth as well as entertain. Writing a book will always be one of my dreams but being able to tell someone else’s story is something I strive for. After graduation, I plan to move to New York or London where I will continue to tell stories on paper or on the stage. Let me tell yours!