Hell Bent Review

By Leigh Bardugo


I waited years for this sequel and it was WELL WORTH the wait. I laughed, I cried, I gasped, and I felt all the emotions that you could feel during a read. I am in love with Bardugo’s writing and this book was no exception.

This book has everything a dark academia-obsessed reader will love; campus life meets dark magic meets lovable and hatable characters meets plot twists meets quotes from every kind of writing you could possibly think of. Bardugo has obviously done her research and has created a whole world that you can easily fall into.

The story is the second-installment in (what we believe) is a soon-to-be trilogy that follows Galaxy “Alex” Stern and her journey within Yale’s secret societies. The book follows her pursuit to rescue her Virgil after he was sucked into Hell. Alongside her, a scholar, a priest, and a prince must make their way to Hell and back to save Darlington’s soul. But will they make it back all in one piece? “Who’s ready to go to hell?”

What was especially important for me was the relationships Bardugo built between her characters. While they all might hold something against the other, there is still care and love behind ever action plus the playful banter every once in a while. The world-building is also so well-researched and could have me truly believing in the Yale secret societies.

This sequel to Ninth House was everything you would want from a second book. The author has such a strong connection to all of these voices and their personalities, I re-fell in love with all of them. With hints of comedic timing, twists that made me audibly gasp, and a strong connection to these characters, why haven’t you picked it up yet?

TW: drug use

More Information

Check out other works by Leigh Burdogo including the Grishverse and Six of Crow duologue which is now a hit Netflix series, Shadow and Bone. The Grishverse is just another classic example of Bardugo’s ability to create a world you can easily fall into. With a mix of magic and mayhem, the Shadow and Bone universe is sure to have something for everyone.

Keep an eye out for more book reviews to come as I begin to read A Court of Thorn and Roses and create book lists of my top 5 and books to get you back into reading

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